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Dino Crisis Apk Android Download

Dino Crisis Apk Android DownloadThe strange part is that Dino Crisis looks like it should be much better than it actually is. This is a full blown, big budget, professional Capcom production. It was developed by Resident Evil guru Shinji Mikami and much of the Resident Evil team. From the front end to the full motion video (FMV) to the polygonal engine, this is a seamless game made by good zombies… er… I mean programmers..

The problem is that it's just not much fun to play. While it is closely based onResident Evil-style gameplay, Dino Crisis manages to take all the annoying parts of Resident Evil and expand upon them. At the same time, the developers took many of the good elements and ruined them. More on this later...first, let's get down to the essentials.

Three years ago, research scientist Dr. Edward Kirk was working on a new, clean, super-efficient form of energy codenamed, "Third Energy." It seems there was a bit too much of this new energy in his lab, because it blew up, with him in it. Or at least everyone thought so. It seems he's turned up at another laboratory on mysterious Ibis island. Perhaps he's a zombie?

You are special agent Regina, oh my. Your mission: parachute with your task force onto Ibis island, find Dr. Kirk, and bring him back to the 'home country.' As you will soon discover, Ibis island is also covered with angry dinosaurs. Is there a connection? Duh.

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